Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's that time of the trend again. It's the time when a certain new trend appears that receives, well, quite a lot of talk. Trends that may seem cool and en vogue for some, but rubbish and plain wrong for others. There's usually two clear cut camps for this, you're either for or against it.

As seen from these pictures, apparently, the fashion-savvy set celebrities in Hollywood are clearly loving it. These celebrities are the ones that fashionistas all over the globe worship, for their impeccable sense of style and that oh-so-enviable attitude to carry it off. The Olsen sisters, Mischa Barton, Lauren Conrad, Rachel Bilson..., these are those girls who are never seen less than gorgeous outside, and who possess their own style personality, able to turn any outfit into their own.

So by the looks of it, shouldn't we be dashing to the stores to grab a few of these?

Not necessarily. Take heed. These are LEATHER leggings. Leather, especially to us girls in warmer weather, is practically a foreign term. No one can dream of walking down the streets in a leather jacket, no matter how cold the day is. What more leather leggings that wrap tightly around your legs, giving them almost no room to breathe?
Leggings is also the other problem. Unless you have fantastic looking pins like these celebs, forget about venturing out in anything resembling leggings. You'd be better off on the beach in your tiniest bikini, cellulite and all.

Perhaps this is why there's so much talk about this trend. All the cool girls are wearing it but I can't because this trend is flat out unflattering. What a pity.

Luckily for moi, I probably will be able to carry this off perfectly, and I cannot rush to the stores fast enough to pick up a pair. Members Only Leather Leggings


Friday, September 19, 2008


Back to school! Well, only the fashion, thank goodness.

Prim navy blazers and stripes, houndstooth and berets, all so reminiscent of a preppy school girl, not unlike the ilk of the best book of all times, Gossip Girl. I love how well those preppy blazers and that rebellious insouciance goes together, almost like summer day and bikinis, you can't do without the other.

I especially love berets thrown in together with the whole look as it gives the outfit that added chic-ness that hats are known to impart to the wearer. Not everyone can carry that off, unfortunately. How sad. My heart goes out to you.

Of course, you shouldn't go crazy and wear everything school related in one outfit, people might mistake you a school kid. Quelle horreur! As the old adage says, 'Less is always more'. Don't overdo it.

I have a fantastic school blazer hanging in my closet that i picked up for a song while shopping in Japan, and it does wonders for an ordinary outfit. Just throw it on a lazy (matching colors!) tank top and skirt and you can transition from laid-back sexy to preppy cool. Instant fashion-school cred.



Monday, September 15, 2008

Currently Inspired By #1

Every week, I'll put up a collage of what currently inspires my dressing and what I believe will be hot hot hot! in a few months.

Austere military jackets, exotic head scarves, cuffed flare pants, relaxed jumpsuits, chain necklaces, the cult favorite doc martens(for the serious trendsetters only!), rocker style zips, layering rings...

I only have a few words for this. Super chic people, super chic.


Sunday, September 14, 2008


Must I say it again? I absolutely ADORE champagne. Not only does its bubbles give you that instant lift, it promises a most definite delight in sipping delicately from the sleek,
elegant champagne flute. Even the act of drinking it brings out glamour and much sophistication that no other drink can provide.

Its soothing pale golden color never fails to attract all but yet one sip, and unlike alcohol of other sorts, the immense lightness lingers on the tongue and can never overwhelm the drinker. Unlike vodka which attempts to grab the drinker's attention with its strong,
arresting taste and the immediate rush to your head, champagne respects and cherishes the enjoyment of the drinker, providing only the needed taste and feel. Perfect!

Ah, what a spiel. Of course, the only champagne I drink is Moet and Chandon and though its no Cristal, it is wonderful.

Talking about champagne brings to mind lovely parties and merry times, where the clink of champagne glasses and the audible hum of activity never fails to brighten up my spirits and bring me into the mood for partying.

That reminds me. For my next little soiree, I must share the love of glorious champagne to everyone else. Break out the Moet, I say!

Till next time,