Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thrift Store Shopping

Who wants overpriced, overly trendy clothes from clean, bright shiny stores when you can get potentially ugly, tacky clothes from the 80s from grungy, dark and dank stores with racks crammed to the hilt with clothes?

Haha, I jest.

Thrift store shopping is such a guilty pastime of mine I'm surprised I haven't done it often enough. Rifling through stuffed racks gives me such an immense thrill, the thrill of the chase and eventually, of the find.

I even delight in dressing down FOR thrift store shopping, which is such an event in my life that I need an outfit especially tailored for thrift store shopping. And yes, there is a way to dress for thrift store shopping, like how there is a way to dress for lazy Sunday brunches, and also like how there is a way to dress for popping in and out of exclusive boutiques along tree-lined paths.

But seriously, thrift store shopping is perfect for fickle(?) fashionistas like me. More often than not, I fall in love with something, only to fall out of love with it after a few months as a new love comes into the picture. What's more, I also really dislike wearing something that is instantly recognizable because its such a popular print/patter/design that everyone can tell when you got it from where.

Where's the appeal in that?

Thrift shopping does away with all that, where I am guaranteed unique pieces for a steal (unless of course you go & buy some Forever21 'thrift' top, which is just ridiculous seriously) With thrift shopping, I can pick up vintage tea scarves, delicate quality brooches, perfectly broken-in carmel brown boots... the list continues.

And since fashion is always recycling itself, it is almost always certain that you'll be able to pick up something or another that is in season now, but with non of the cliched 'runway inspired' design.

Remember the strong shoulders trend with the signature puffed up shoulders? So so so overdone. If I want strong shoulders, I'd get something really 80s! Like a really padded mesh top. Who cares if it really looks like you unearthed it from your grandmum's cabinet recesses? You definitely arent, so wear what you like I say.

Isn't this how everything goes in fashion?

P.S. My favorite vintage/thrift look by hkldnsfmode from Chictopia


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Rock The Boat(shoes)

I'll need some extra pairs of eyes to aid me in my search for my newest fashion obsession. Helpful volunteers get my eternal gratitude!

For the past few weeks, a certain shoe style has been running through my head. Not a particular shoe though, mind you, but a particular style. And nope, it isn't 6-inch staggeringly high stilettoes, and neither is it a perky Liberty floral print summer espadrille, and it isn't that now ubiquitous black studded gladiators. Instead, I'm pining for a perfectly cute pair of boat shoes made out of soft calfskin leather that I'm planning to wear everywhere.

If that proves mite too difficult to locate, I promise I'll settle for one in distressed leather with gorgeous forest green panels.

But most importantly, they MUST be boatshoes. They have to have that adorable leather stringing across the top and sides of the shoe that remind me so of hardy drawstring bags that I used to love so much as a kid. What's more, I also love that it is what fashion really should be all about, comfortable yet studiously cool.

This fash-session (aka fashion obsession) started when I chanced upon an entire rack of sturdy tough Sperry Topsiders in a store and even though they were clearly for guys, I couldn't help but salivate over them. A particular pair,a rich mustard yellow one, really caught my eye. That bright cheery pair popped right out of the stack and somehow, just managed to stick itself in my head. And from then on, inexplicable really, but I fell head over heels for boatshoes.

Just thinking of how I can match boatshoes to an outfit excites me to no end, not only will the sole addition of boat shoes to any outfit give that Alexa Chung vibe which I so love, it will also let me give up on the tired ballet flats that everyone is sporting.

Off with ballet flats and on with the boat shoes!

Till next time,

Friday, July 10, 2009

Make It Light-Washed : Soft Denim Pieces

It's been far too long. Don't get me wrong, I love writing, especially about fashion and even more so about up and coming trends I believe will hit it big in both the style stakes and in hearts of style-savvy girls everywhere. However, it's been really tough for me to really have time to sit down and write a great trend story. I want everything I put up here to be no less than perfect, and sometimes I really don't have the time.

But today, I made myself really sit down and write. I owed everyone that much at least.

So, enough of the chatter, I'll get down to the trend at hand.

Besides the requisite summer wear like tank tops and denim cutoffs that everyone sports, summer wear to me is all about loose, easy fit pieces that are not only chic but most importantly, keep me cool without looking just like everyone else. Personally, I adopt quite a different approach to warm weather wear. While hemlines rise and sleeves shrink in the summer for most, I resolutely do the opposite. I opt for long sleeves - rolled up of course, and bohemian gypsy skirts or light linen pants. Which brings me to our focus today - Light-washed, easy denim pieces that are soft as an old flannel shirt.

I've seen many versions of this trend, but the one that will win the hearts of many, I believe, will be the oversized denim shirt, with only a faint blue wash to reveal that it belongs to the denim category. Like a comfy old denim shirt that has been washed and rewashed so many times, this season's hottest new trend seems to be what every girl should already have lying somewhere in her wardrobe.If not, head to Topshop for the perfect worn in denim shirt, made oversized specially so you don't have to get a few sizes up. A close lookalike comes in the form of a belted version from Forever 21. Zara's Spring/Summer collection also has a few great looking ones which are on sale right now.


Forever 21
Forever 21

Wear this with nothing else but sheerest of stockings,fierce dark booties and a bowler hat. I know I will!