Thursday, May 24, 2007

Great Singapore Sale?


The Great Singapore Sale is coming up yet again. Being a shopaholic like moi one would assume I would be all hyped up and excited about this.

No siree.

Other than cosmetics or lingerie, there's nothing fantastic about sales. First of all, the sizes are all wrong, they are all way too big for me. As if they weren't big enough before the sales already. And also, I HATE queues and this is the when every store would probably have a majorly long queue, for the dressing rooms, for payment and even for the freakin' toilet.

But, the main reason I hate sales is that I detest impulse buys that I'd never wear even once. Don't you just hate it when something looks so fabulously chic when you're trying it on but when you get home, the look just falls flat? The glimmer that you saw in the folds of the fabric has turned into a dull spot. What a letdown. The money should have really gone to something better.

There's also the reputation to maintain. Imagine also how totally un-fashionable and un-chic one would look dashing to the sales and fighting with the lady with bleached hair and fake Louis Vuitton for that last gaudy pink feather boa that is at 70% off. Not nice. Also, tips doled out by newspapers on 'How To Survive The GSS' are so cliched and so overdone that they make me want to ditch the GSS altogether and fly off to Bangkok or Hong Kong immediately to get away from the maddening crowds.

One of the most godawful tips I've heard is to bring your own snacks and water so that you won't waste precious shopping time.


Where's the whole shopping spirit? Shopping is supposed to be relaxing, strolling through malls and boutiques, spending a lovely hour or two over tea and enjoying the whole experience. This is shopping. Not rushing like mad women with bad hair at that.

And to imagine, messy racks of clothing, getting pushed around, receiving dirty looks from women waiting outside the dressing room if you preen for too long... Totally not my style.

Someone give me a cool compress! I think I'm getting a headache from thinking about how my whole shopping experience for the next month will be thus marred irreparably.

Think I'll retreat into my cozy comforts of my bed and Macbook, and shop from there.


Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Story of Brand

A few days ago, I happened to see this chic lady on the train the other day. She was carrying a Loewe Amazonia bag.

Not to say the least, I immediately scoffed at it, thinking, "Oh, thats a fake one. But what a GORGEOUS fake bag."

Obviously so.

Someone who is able to afford Authentic Loewe bags should not be taking trains. Instead, they will be taking cabs, if they can't drive.

They are wealthy enough to take a cab everywhere they go. Not trains. Unless the person is aka Paris Hilton and her posse on The Simple Life. But I seriously doubt that since I didn't see any sweaty cameramen following this lady.

A word of advice here. If you do buy and carry around imitation bags, please do not ever take public transport. It only exposes your secret that the bag is not the real thing.

Maybe it really is a real bag, perhaps she spent a few months salary on that but she herself is in essence a typical lady with a typical income? Which is why she still takes the public transport?
Possible. But not worth it. Even if the bag is fully real, people (like moi) would still think other wise. So, in one word, pointless.

On the other hand, it was the most gorgeous Loewe bag I've ever seen. Soft calf leather in a lovely shade of chocolaty brown, and with the intricate Loewe logo imprinted on the front. No other confusing colours or de-classifying colours marred the sheer beauty of the simplicity of the bag. Absolutely gorgeous. The BEST I've ever seen. If the quality of fake bags were that good, I wouldn't mind getting one myself. By golly, I've never seen such a beauty in its boutiques before.

Wish me luck! I must get my hands on that bag.

Till next time,

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Summer Fashion

Summer. How many times must I profess my love for summer? I love it that my oversized sunglasses get put into good use, I love it that shorts can be worn everywhere and anywhere and I love it that I can flaunt my pretty, colorful bikinis. More than that, I love the summer fashion, the brilliant bright colours, the breezy chiffon, the luscious styles. Who can say no to THAT?

The only problem. I can't possibly buy every single summer clothing I fall in love with. That would mean buying over the whole shop, which would, frankly, be ridiculous.

Although summer fashion never fails to entice me, I realise that if not worn well, these bright styles can be then translated to gaudy, which I would label as a tremendous numero uno fashion faux pas. I believe in my sense of style fully though, and I know that this word would never be found on me.

First rule is that these bright prints and colours are, unfortunately, not suitable for bigger sized girls, like those of UK12 and above. Not especially if you're well endowed. These bright prints can only exaggerate those areas. These pretty summer frocks are only suitable for girls model-sized. Perhaps you bigger girls should stick to the winter styles, of which have duller colours and less prints.

Second way to avoid looking 'gaudy' is to ensure that colours don't clash. No matter what you might think, bright green doesn't go with fuschia pink, neither will royal purple go with orange. Make sure your colours go well together and that they should be more or less in the same colour group, with at most 2 spectras away.

Lastly, no matter what you do, DO NOT wear leopard prints or fishnet stockings with any summer outfit. That is NOT summer dressing. Unless you're intending to receive as many stares as possible. Instead, think LOOSE, BREEZY and FLOWY.

The sun's beckoning to me. I'm going to slip into my fetching blue bikini and soak up some sun at the pool. See ya there!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Sadness Of It All

You know what? There's something sad about the state of girls' fashion sense here in Singapore. It's not that they don't shop, in fact, quite the opposite, many of these girls I will be referring to later on are most likely avid shoppers. They DO shop, and probably spend quite alot on clothes and fashion. So it goes that usually these girls would be quite fashion savvy and stylish wouldn't it? That can't be further from the truth.

I've noticed that many of these girls get their jeans from mass market brands like the way overrated Levis and owns one of the I-Want-One-Because-Everyone-Has-One-Birkenstocks. My best bet is that she would have paid at least $100 from head to toe. The funny thing is, she actually ends up looking like she bought everything from some bargain bin sales or a flea market.

Ain't that tragic? They probably felt that paying more for a mass market brand would up their style quotient by quite a bit, and so would rather get that than a 'no brand' pair of jeans which would have a similar cutting but cost a quarter less. Unfortunately for these sad, deluded girls, it doesn't work that way, I'm sorry to say.

Look, I don't mince my words. Why would I and in fact, why should I?

If you are one of these girls out there, my heart goes out to you. I feel for you, I really do.

Let me give you a piece of advice:
Looking truly chic and stylish has absolutely nothing to do with brand or the price you pay for whatever it is that you buy. If you have it in you, you can look like the next Sienna Miller or Nicole Richie with bargain bin or flea market finds. Of course, there are some which are intrinsically bound together, like style and Christian Louboutins or like elegance and Chanel.
When it comes to these, I fully believe that to get that style, you have to pay for it. Christian Louboutins signature red soled shoes are gorgeous in every way as it not only is a smart way to tell others that these are his shoes, but is also the ultimate artistic delivery. His red soles add just the right amount of pizzazz to entice and attract all attention to that epitome of style.

But that's gone off the topic. What was I saying before? Oh yes.

Believe it or not, I can dress two girls, one in bargain bin goods and another to wear everything from Guess?, and get the one with the bargain bin finds to look twice as cool and wealthy as the other. Style is how you wear your clothes, how you mix and match your finds to whatever you already have in your closet and end up looking fabulous. It is nothing along the line of 'price equates style'.

Of course, then there are those girls who are able to wear Dolce & Gabanna and put on Prada boots AND look like what they pay for. That is the perfect combination isn't it? However, we all know that perfection doesn't fall from the sky. You either have the luck or you don't. So I say, for the rest of us who don't have that luck, keep to updating your style quotient. Read fashion magazines, look at how other fashion savvy girls on the road dress... anything, just remember that style can definitely come in the form of an $8 top, as long as you know how to put everything together. AND!carry it off with oodles of attitude.

Talking about flea markets makes me so excited. I must admit I love going to flea markets and doing a spot of bargain hunting. The thrill of the chase and the excitement of the fun all adds up to a great shopping experience, so next time you see this fabulously chic girl rummaging excitedly through a bargain bin, you'll know that's me.


Friday, April 20, 2007

Vogue Notes-The Fashion Insider

Summer is almost on us now, and looking at all the new summery scents out in stores, I cannot help but think of lovely lazy summer days spent jet setting around the shopping capitals of the world or soaking up the sun on soft sandy beaches and whiling away breezy summer nights dining at stylish alfreso restaurants...and of course, shopping! I think....

Oh! My, my, where ARE my manners?

Let me introduce myself. You can call me Chanel. That's obviously not my real name, but since there's not much need for one, it'll do. And I happen to like that brand anyway.

Vogue Notes.

Simply put, fashion notes. I see so many people everyday, some with an amazing sense of style and taste, and some with none at all. Most, however, fall in between. Putting together my love for writing with my style inclinations, I came up with Vogue Notes, a place to note down anything fashion related, be it my thoughts, my ideas, on what I observe.

I would love to tell you more, but oh, I've got so many people to talk to, so many things to do! As I've said, summer time is rolling around again, and I've got plans I need to make. Where's my passport? Where's the sun lotion? The smell of fresh new clothes?

Hmmm, I already have an idea for my next post. I can tell it is going to be somewhat controversial. But, that's for next time.

Until then,