Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Summer Fashion

Summer. How many times must I profess my love for summer? I love it that my oversized sunglasses get put into good use, I love it that shorts can be worn everywhere and anywhere and I love it that I can flaunt my pretty, colorful bikinis. More than that, I love the summer fashion, the brilliant bright colours, the breezy chiffon, the luscious styles. Who can say no to THAT?

The only problem. I can't possibly buy every single summer clothing I fall in love with. That would mean buying over the whole shop, which would, frankly, be ridiculous.

Although summer fashion never fails to entice me, I realise that if not worn well, these bright styles can be then translated to gaudy, which I would label as a tremendous numero uno fashion faux pas. I believe in my sense of style fully though, and I know that this word would never be found on me.

First rule is that these bright prints and colours are, unfortunately, not suitable for bigger sized girls, like those of UK12 and above. Not especially if you're well endowed. These bright prints can only exaggerate those areas. These pretty summer frocks are only suitable for girls model-sized. Perhaps you bigger girls should stick to the winter styles, of which have duller colours and less prints.

Second way to avoid looking 'gaudy' is to ensure that colours don't clash. No matter what you might think, bright green doesn't go with fuschia pink, neither will royal purple go with orange. Make sure your colours go well together and that they should be more or less in the same colour group, with at most 2 spectras away.

Lastly, no matter what you do, DO NOT wear leopard prints or fishnet stockings with any summer outfit. That is NOT summer dressing. Unless you're intending to receive as many stares as possible. Instead, think LOOSE, BREEZY and FLOWY.

The sun's beckoning to me. I'm going to slip into my fetching blue bikini and soak up some sun at the pool. See ya there!


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