Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Story of Brand

A few days ago, I happened to see this chic lady on the train the other day. She was carrying a Loewe Amazonia bag.

Not to say the least, I immediately scoffed at it, thinking, "Oh, thats a fake one. But what a GORGEOUS fake bag."

Obviously so.

Someone who is able to afford Authentic Loewe bags should not be taking trains. Instead, they will be taking cabs, if they can't drive.

They are wealthy enough to take a cab everywhere they go. Not trains. Unless the person is aka Paris Hilton and her posse on The Simple Life. But I seriously doubt that since I didn't see any sweaty cameramen following this lady.

A word of advice here. If you do buy and carry around imitation bags, please do not ever take public transport. It only exposes your secret that the bag is not the real thing.

Maybe it really is a real bag, perhaps she spent a few months salary on that but she herself is in essence a typical lady with a typical income? Which is why she still takes the public transport?
Possible. But not worth it. Even if the bag is fully real, people (like moi) would still think other wise. So, in one word, pointless.

On the other hand, it was the most gorgeous Loewe bag I've ever seen. Soft calf leather in a lovely shade of chocolaty brown, and with the intricate Loewe logo imprinted on the front. No other confusing colours or de-classifying colours marred the sheer beauty of the simplicity of the bag. Absolutely gorgeous. The BEST I've ever seen. If the quality of fake bags were that good, I wouldn't mind getting one myself. By golly, I've never seen such a beauty in its boutiques before.

Wish me luck! I must get my hands on that bag.

Till next time,

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