Friday, April 20, 2007

Vogue Notes-The Fashion Insider

Summer is almost on us now, and looking at all the new summery scents out in stores, I cannot help but think of lovely lazy summer days spent jet setting around the shopping capitals of the world or soaking up the sun on soft sandy beaches and whiling away breezy summer nights dining at stylish alfreso restaurants...and of course, shopping! I think....

Oh! My, my, where ARE my manners?

Let me introduce myself. You can call me Chanel. That's obviously not my real name, but since there's not much need for one, it'll do. And I happen to like that brand anyway.

Vogue Notes.

Simply put, fashion notes. I see so many people everyday, some with an amazing sense of style and taste, and some with none at all. Most, however, fall in between. Putting together my love for writing with my style inclinations, I came up with Vogue Notes, a place to note down anything fashion related, be it my thoughts, my ideas, on what I observe.

I would love to tell you more, but oh, I've got so many people to talk to, so many things to do! As I've said, summer time is rolling around again, and I've got plans I need to make. Where's my passport? Where's the sun lotion? The smell of fresh new clothes?

Hmmm, I already have an idea for my next post. I can tell it is going to be somewhat controversial. But, that's for next time.

Until then,

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