Friday, October 3, 2008

Isn't celebrity style watching such a guilty indulgence? Celebs stepping out of their homes in high fashion, sometimes making it, sometimes not so much. But celebrity style watch has always been one of my favorite ways to while away a day, seeing how these celebrities wear their Chanel and their Jimmy Choos. And especially for certain celebrities, their style is all the more fascinating, how their eye for fashion really stands out and most importantly, it makes hoards of fashion-crazed fans want to emulate that look.

Today, our style star is Lauren Conrad, and saying that she has great style is not surprising to most, because of her internship at Teen Vogue (as seen on The Hills) and her clothing line. It's not just that she has a great eye for what looks good on her but that she can match her clothes so well. For example, that beige cropped jacket on her black dress with the lovely tulip skirt is just amazing. The dress by itself would be pretty but perhaps a little shy of plain. But together, its perfect. That cropped jacket just makes her waist look daintily tiny. How cute!

Lauren Conrad, you're a star in my style books!


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Anonymous said...

I love Lauren! Her hair is so cool!